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The Golden Kela Awards – Cinema’s worst jobs by top actors in India

The Golden Kela Awards ( are satirical awards given to the worst acting performance in hindi cinema in India. Winners are selected by online polls and receive award in the shape of golden banana (kela). Watch this video and learn about previous year winners.

These actors have performed the worst job in terms of acting, maybe it was the script but definitely over-acting and low standard acting made these actors on top of the list. These awards are now past with no new awards being held.

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The first award ceremony took place on 7 March 2009 in New Delhi (India). The fifth award ceremony was held on 30 March 2013. Jaspal Bhatti made a special appearance at the inaugural event, dishonoring the Indian film talent of the year 2008.The intention behind the Golden Kela is to ridicule the Hindi film stars and acknowledge the worst of Indian Cinema. Since, several award ceremonies each year celebrate the best of Hindi Cinema, Random Magazine and the Sundaas Film Institute chose to be different by giving away the Best of the Worst of Indian Cinema. Golden Kela Awards are not meant to insult anyone. It is just a way to make it a laughter exercise, a therapy of sorts to forget about the failures and look at what went wrong with the movie and the act. Abhishek Bachchan came to the Golden Kela Awards in 2010 and accepted the Dara Singh Award for his attempt to speak with an American accent in Delhi 6.


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